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Palana Agro Safe

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‘Palana Agro Safe’ contains curcumin acid, Azadirachtin & organic mixtures that protect cardamom plant.
The presence of Azadirachtin, bio phosphrous and bio potash and seaweed helps the roots to be strong and enable them to draw food from the soil better.
The color of the fruits increases because of high content of carbon in ‘Palana Agro Safe’.
The perfect measures of curcumin, tobacco and organic mixtures prevent the plants from root rot thus decreases continues usage of fungicides.
‘Palana Agro Safe’ significantly increases the quality of soil, thus increases yield year after year.
Using 1Kg ‘Palana Agro Safe’ gives better results that using 1kg neem cake and bone meal.
Usage of lime can be reduced because ‘Palana Agro Safe’ contains bio magnesium and bio calcium.
‘Palana Agro Safe’ can give 30-50% increase in yield. The usage of fungicides and pesticides can be reduced hence cost of cultivation is drastically reduced. This is not a claim by us, the manufactures, but is a testimony by farmers who have used ‘Palana Agro Safe’.
Ideal for cardamom, Flory culture, tubular crops, vegetables, pepper, nutmeg, coconut trees, palm trees and plantation crops..

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Market Price: Rs1,400.00

Our Price Rs1,330.00
Redeemable Score : 1



Palana Agro Safe Nutrimeal contains almost all macro and micro nutrient needed for the healthy growth and higher yield of plants. It improve the soil structure in such a way that the growth of friendly micro organisms increased tremendously . It acts as an organic fungicide and insecticide against soil bone pest and diseases . 30-50 % increase in yield is anticipated by the use. The strong and deep roots that are developed help the plants during the dry summer. By continue usage of ‘Palana Agro Safe’, the plants becomes more healthy, bacteria, fungus and other insects are reduced. ‘Palana Agro Safe’ basically helps the roots, by providing the necessary minerals, organic hormones, amino acid and vitamins, the plants become healthy and more productive. ‘Palana Agro Safe’ is the most ideal organic fertilizers for all plants. ‘Palana Agro Safe’ Stimulates growth of plants and ensures more produce. A hand on approvals of many farmers is the quality certificate for this product. Azadirachtin is one among the main component that acts against insects. It fulfill many of the criteria needed for a good insecticide. Nitrogen [N], Phosphorous [P] and Potassium [K] are also present in abundance in ‘Palana Agro Safe’. Micronutrients like Calcium, Magnesium and Boron presence in ‘Palana Agro Safe’ makes it a very effective fertilizer. Growth of micro organisms are fertilized by ‘Palana Agro Safe’ thus making the soil rich. Very high percentage of N , P and K are present in Palana. One kg of ‘Palana Agro Safe’ provides the same effect of using 20 kg of dried cow dung in a plant. Method of Application. Apply around the plant in the base. Irrigation maybe done followed by the application in dry months. Dose : 500 kg /Acre .

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